SSC Jenn's Tutoring

I tutor programming courses at Seminole State College.
All other courses should see their department or visit the Academic Success Center.

Tutoring for Spring 2024 Term

Current (enrolled) programming students can request an appointment or contact me for help with course concepts. I'm sorry I'm not able to take on students not enrolled in an eligible programming course at this time.

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Tips for Success
  1. Do the reading! But also follow along and type up the sample code in your book and in Canvas. Programming is hands on and you will absorb more and understand it better if you try the code.
  2. Correct your homework. After your assignment is graded, read the feedback from your instructor and implement the changes in your project. Now you have a corrected project you can refer to when working on future projects.
  3. Try to write code every day. Set aside 30 minutes every day to write code. You will learn it faster and remember it if you do some every day.
  4. Seek help early! It's easier to catch up on one chapter than it is to catch up on multiple chapters. Each week will build upon the lessons from the previous week, so if you fall behind it will snowball quickly.
Useful Eclipse Shortcuts
  • Comment Selected Lines: ctrl + /
  • Block Comment Selected Lines: ctrl+ shift + /
  • Correct Indentation (Selected Code): ctrl + i
  • Autocomplete: ctrl + space
  • System.out.println: sysout and ctrl + space